ROOM (2015): Thriller

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Gist: After 7 years of being held captive in an isolated shed by a kidnapper, Joy and her 5 year old son, Jack, plan an escape from the confinement in order to gain their freedom.

Description: This movie tells an amazing story of a spirited kid who is facing the real world for the first time after 5 years of his birth and his loving and devoted mother. This movie is based on a book published in 2010 also called Room written by an Irish-Canadian author Emma Donoghue. This movie is inspired by the real life case of Elisabeth Fritzl. The movie shares many parallels with Elisabeth and her children. There are several variations in this movie compared to Elizabeth's case though. Room is streaming on Netflix.

Cast: Room stars Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers and Joan Allen.


Joy [Maa] Newsome (Brie Larson)-

Joy Newsome living in a totally enclosed and soundproof garden shed (room) with just one skylight for the sun rays to come through and NO windows, is held captive by a man she knows only as 'Old Nick'. He rapes her repeatedly, and she's raising their son, Jack, whom she nurtures with fierce maternal devotion. Shortly after Jack's fifth birthday, Joy plots an improbable escape. This just tells us how courageous and brave she is. The later half of the movie charts how tough it is for both Joy and Jack to adjust with the outside world. She faces difficulty in explaining her plan of escape from the room to Jack but Joy does not give up no matter what, because she knew she had to get out of there and wanted Jack to live a far better life outside the room. She was referred to as 'Maa' by Jack.

Jack Newsome (Jacob Tremblay)-

Jack Newsome is a spirited, jolly, 5 year old child, he is raised by his protective and loving mother, Joy. Jack has lived his entire life in one room, and knows nothing of the outside world. He believes everything within the room to be the only real things in the world and everything outside is fictional because of which he does not feel the need to go anywhere else outside it. He believes that the room is the only place he belongs to. It is clear that he is mentally and physically imprisoned.

Old Nick (Sean Bridgers)-

Old Nick is the main antagonist of this film, He is a criminal who kidnapped and Joy and holds her in captivity. He lures 17-year-old Joy by pretending that his dog was lost, and kidnaps her and holds her captive in his garden shed. He rapes her, which eventually results in her getting pregnant and giving birth to their son, Jack. For the next seven years, Old Nick holds them both in captivity, occasionally bringing them food and supplies. One night, Old Nick tells Joy that he has lost his job and says that he may not be able to afford their supplies anymore; it is implied that he plans to kill them both.

The main reason why Joy starts plotting a plan to escape from room was because she wanted to save her son from getting killed more than herself.

Nancy Newsome (Joan Allen)-

Nancy Newsome is Joy's mother, who never gives up looking for Joy even after 7 years of her getting kidnapped. After they escape she happily accepts Jack as her grandson. There are ups and downs in the movie and Joy faces many issues during all that Jack was taken care by Nancy. Nancy tries to negate the fact that Jack's father is Old Nick because she knows that "not being taken care of" is the last thing Jack needs after all that he's been through; whereas Joy's father, Robert feels ashamed that Jack is his grandson.

Direction: Room is directed by an Irish-American director Lenny Abrahamson.

Awards: Brie Larson won an Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA award and a Critic's Choice award for her performance in this film. Jacob Tremblay also won 2 awards for his performance in Room.

Ratings: 8.1/10 on IMDb, 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, 4/5 on Times of India and 94% on Netflix.

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