MOXIE (2021): Drama

Gist: A shy girl, Vivian befriends a new outgoing and rebellious girl, Lucy at her school where she comes across lots of gender bias norms. Vivian gets inspired by her mother's defiance when she was in high school and gets the courage to publish an anonymous zine called 'Moxie' to expose the sexist prejudice at her school.

Description: 'Moxie' is a teenage movie based on an important social issue in our world: Sexism. It's adapted from a book also called, Moxie written by Jennifer Mathieu. After Vivian publishes her Zine, it gets tons of attention especially from girls who later get inspired by it to stand up to the bullies and flout against unfair rules at their school. This movie streams on Netflix

Cast: Hadley Robinson, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Amy Poehler, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and many others.


Vivian Carter (Hadley Robinson)-

Vivian is a junior in High School who, after being inspired by her new friend, Lucy, and her mother so she decides to speak up against the despicable school rules. She uses her mother's zines that she made back in high school as a way to brainstorm creative ideas to put forward her word on sexism. Vivian creates Moxie in the hopes of bringing change and it helped her come out of her shell.

Mitchell Wilson (Patrick Schwarzenegger)-

Mitchell is the captain of the football team. He is the biggest violater and bully of girls in the school. He can get with away anything with his major status and a good impression amongst the teachers and other students. Mitchell's hostility made him a primary target for Moxie.

Lucy Hernandez (Alycia Pascual-Peña)-

Lucy is a new student at the high school and grows closer to Vivian. She believes in female rights and is the one who inspires Vivian to publish moxie. She always tends to be Mitchell's main target for bullying so she makes sure he is taught a lesson for degrading girls.

Lisa Carter (Amy Poehler)-

Lisa is Vivian's single mother who is a nurse. Vivian gets inspired by her mother's 'riot grrrl' high school past and learns about zines and the female riots movement from her.

Ratings: 6.7/10 on IMDb and 70% on rotten tomatoes.

Moxie is an important movie for the world that we live in and is in dire need of more attention, do give it a watch.

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