Gist: A teenager, Julie is passionate to pursue music. She feels hopeless after her mother passes away, who was the one who encouraged her to follow music. A year later, three teenage boys who have been dead for 25 years, encounter Julie by somehow escaping the world of the dead and reaching the world of the living. All the four of them together, become the band they were never able to be, called 'Julie and the Phantoms'.

Description: Julie and the Phantoms is inspired by a Brazilian show called, 'Julie e os Fantasmas'. 3 months after this show was released, a book was published based on it. This show received an incredible amount of fame, but Netflix has still not renewed it for the second season. This made several fans furious as they were waiting desperately for another season to arrive. Numerous polls took place on the internet to support the next season and many fans rioted by refusing to watch anything on Netflix anymore unless and until they called for 'jatp' season 2.

Cast: Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner, Jeremy Shada, Jadah Marie.


Julie Molina (Madison Reyes)-

Julie is the protagonist of the show. She had recently lost her mother, who was the one coaxing Julie to become a musician. After her mother's death, Julie had lost almost all hopes to continue music and was very close to giving it up. She agrees to join the boys to form a band together, for herself to be back in touch with her music. In the "world of the living" Julie can see the boys with her eyes but nobody else can, however, there's a twist, which I'm not gonna give away right now. Y'all just watch the show :p

Luke Patterson (Charlie Gillespie)-

Luke is one of the "boys" that I was referring to. He was the singer and guitarist of the band 'Sunset Curve' that he was a member of, along with the other two boys, before they died 25 years ago. When they return to the living world, he becomes the 2nd lead singer of Julie and the Phantoms band. He seems like a fun and outgoing extrovert, but inside he is very sensitive when it comes to the people he loves and also the fact that he couldn't say goodbye to his parents and wasn't on good terms with them before he died.

Reggie Peters (Jeremy Shada)-

Reggie (another one of the "boys") is a bit of a goofball lol. He seems to not comprehend simple things, but is very understanding and caring towards his loved ones. Before he died, he wasn't given much attention, as his parents were busy with their personal feuds, and were one fight away from a divorce. Reggie's parents hardly bothered about him and didn't even care that he was in a band (Sunset Curve). He was obviously upset when he died but not too much, as he knew that his parents would get over his death in no time and the only friends he had, who cared for him, died with him.

Alex Mercer (Owen Joyner)-

Alex (the last "boy" lol) is gay, and since they died 25 years ago i.e. 1995, his parents were not open-minded to such stuff at that time, and they refused to accept him when he came out to them back then. He ran away from his home and didn't reconcile with his parents before his death. He was the one who was the most depressed to be dead, out of the three because of his sensitive demeanor. In the world of the living, he meets a guy, Willie. Willie was just like Luke, Reggie, and Alex, he was dead too and somehow reached the "realm of the living". He explains to Alex that he and the boys were there because they had an unfinished business, and they would reach where they belong only if they fulfilled it.

Ratings: 8.4/10 on IMDb, 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and 97% on Netflix.

One more thing guys, the songs in this show are too good! Hear them out on Spotify

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