My Story

Hey y'all,

Two words to describe me: Movie lover.

So what can I say, I'm just a 15-year-old teenager who has a small (actually big) obsession with TV, but who doesn't, right?

Need to know what I expertise in: Providing detailed reviews on movies and shows to all my readers, you're welcome :p 

Do you ever just wake up one morning and say to yourself that "Today I'm gonna be productive!" and then you feel like you have accomplished something big by just stating that, and not actually doing it because your laziness gets in the damn way! :(

If this hasn't happened to you then you're not human. I was just like that, I used to keep binging one show after another, one movie after another, and one day at some point I felt stupid to just drown in so much content that I was watching. I realized that it was time I put all that to use. Not gonna lie, the idea of starting a blog to share all my thoughts on a movie or a show never crossed my mind, then a close friend of mine started writing a blog on a totally different subject which gave me the idea to do the same. So here I started my very own Blog for movie and show reviews, Review Shore.